Ik heb een nieuwe held.

Als HR helpdesk zijn wij vaak de laatste hoop van Mensen Met Vragen. Niemand weet het? Vraag het aan HR, die moéten het weten.

- BTW, ik vind het vervelend dat veel mensen mondigheid verwarren met grote bek opzetten. Doe eens normaal!-

Maar goed, we vinden het wel fijn om orokal te spelen, dan krijg je wel eens -let op de ondertoon- verrassende dingen binnen.
Vandaag zat volgende mail in de bus:

VINCENT BOUCHER - www.vincentboucher.com

B. Sc. Physics / M.A. Politics / M. Sc. Aerospace

Chairman of the Intelligence Foundation, Vincent Boucher strongly challenges traditional, limiting beliefs about the possibilities of our future by bringing to life creativity, imagination and great stamina.


1998 - M.Sc. Aerospace Engineering (McGill University, École Polytechnique, Concordia University and Laval University) with internship at Canadian Space Agency.

1997 - M.A. Government Policy Analysis (Laval University), with high recommendation.

1995 - B.Sc. Theoretical Physics (Laval University), completed in 1 year!

I feel strongly dedicated to work hard with meticulous attention to details and consistency.


ü 2003 to 2008 – Intelligence Foundation, President

Our Intelligence Foundation is a growing force of true connoisseurs, highly educated & ultra-affluent leaders inspiring, supporting and training the individuals who will fashion the arts, the S&T and the humanities of the 21st Century:

The Intelligence Foundation Team deploys passions and pursuits that shall constitute a building block and catalyst, offers uncommon insight with unusual breadth of knowledge, elegance and style for a vigorous approach to sustainable development at the heart of Education.


ü 2003 to 2008 – Billionaire Business, Inc., President

Billionaire Business, Inc., like any Fortune 500 company, succeeds from an exclusive vantage point by bringing to life proper management, development, and effective stewardship of its ultra-affluent people.

Billionaire Business, Inc., adopts a new tradition of responsibility by defining business interests in order to create a positive and sustainable future. Our Extended Network includes supplier or buyers of Financial Instruments [BG's, MTN's, Bonds, FC-FF, Ss, S, CF], Currencies [JPY, EURO, NKD], large International Loans [HYIP/PPP], AU Gold, dust & Diamonds, commodities & petroleum Products [Jet fuel, Rebco, Slco, M100, etc.], fueling the creativity and passion that drive today’s most successful men and women.

ü 2003 to 2007 – Speaker & coach, willpower and vision / S&T / Business intelligence

TV, radio & Universities in Canada: Offering uncommon insight from an exclusive vantage point and unusual breadth with elegance and style, I successfully carried out over 100 presentations in S&T, engineering and intelligence, as well as in the arts.

ü 2001 to 2003 – Canadian Space Agency – Technology Management Directorate

The Canadian Space Agency is the national space agency of Canada which ranks 8th as compared to other space agencies in size of budget. I was provided numerous opportunities to interface with the people, policies, procedures, programs and activities of the Canadian Space Program and each of its priority sectors.

§ Drafting recommendations for senior management regarding intelligence;

§ Perform government data-gathering (and validation) and competitive intelligence (CI) analysis focusing on core components of the Canadian Space Program (CSP) that could best benefit from CI;

§ Development of the Generic Technology Strategic Plan and initializing the Space Tech. Overall Strategic Plan (development of objectives, priorities, policies, and strategies, including identifying and analysing the needs of stakeholders benefiting from government research and development programs, along with monitoring business plans, drafting reports & memoranda to agencies, as well as strategic considerations on Canada's participation in ESA programs);

§ Collaborated on a Memorandum to Marc Renaud, President of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC), on behalf of the CSA President;

§ Presentation to and consultation of different committees on Strategic Scenarios; and

§ Negotiation with public and private sectors officials.

ü 2000 to 2001 – Canadian Space Agency – Spacecraft Engineering Group

The Canadian Apace Agency's Spacecraft Engineering Group provided me until august 2000 the opportunity to progressively gain more responsibilities and an extensive and varied experience related to the development of the next generation technologies in mechanical, electrical and aerospace engineering in doing R&D on Passive Thermo-Optical Satellite Protection.


By achieving the highest rank in S&T and Engineering, I forged an international network of contacts.

§ 1997: GRE « Graduate Record Examination » Engineering 93 %, Scaled scores 790.

§ 1996: GRE « Graduate Record Examination » Physics 87 %, Scaled scores: 860

§ 1995: GRE « Graduate Record Examination » Chemistry 93 %, Scaled scores: 880

§ 1993: 1st at the Canadian Chemistry Olympiad Eliminatory

§ 1993: 1st at the [first year undergraduate] Canadian Physics Olympiad Eliminatory

§ 1993: 1ST at the Quebec Chemistry Order annual competition with a 100% score!

§ 1992: 1ST at the Quebec Chemistry Order annual competition - high school students

We are living in a period of Unprecedented Advances in Sciences. Research contributes immensely to the development of modern society, and the application of scientific knowledge shall furnish powerful means for solving many of the challenges facing humanity.


§ Canadian Space Agency employee’s social committee President

§ Canadian Space Agency Director’s award for Red Cross and United Way

§ HEMA Quebec

§ YMCA Quebec


Dr Darius Nikanpour, Manager, Materials and Thermal Group at Canadian Space Agency 2001: « Vincent Boucher has an incredible memory and great stamina. He is a very hard worker, attentive to detail and a valued teammate. »

Dr Vincent Lemieux, professor of Political Science and Prix du Québec 1998 (the most prestigious award attributed by the Government of Québec): « In 1998, I had the chance to welcome Vincent Boucher in one of my classes. In 40 years of teaching here, at the department of political science of Université Laval, I have never encountered a student with such a strong shall and high ideal as his. »

References provided on a letter of intention (LOI) basis.

Vincent Boucher deploys passions and pursuits that succeed in business, offers uncommon insight from exclusive vantage points and unusual breadth with elegance and style.


Home address: 350 Prince-Arthur Street W., Executive Office # 2105,

Montréal, Québec, H2X 3R4, Canada

Phone: 514.829.8269 Ext. # 555

Email: Vincent.boucher@vincentboucher.com

[1][1] This document contains information relative to the Intelligence Foundation, to its subsidiaries or to a third party to whom the Intelligence Foundation may have a legal obligation to protect such information from unauthorised disclosure, use or duplication. Any disclosure, use or duplication of this document, or of any of the information contained herein, for other than the purpose for which it was disclosed is expressly prohibited, except as the Intelligence Foundation may otherwise agree to in writing. PUBLISHED BY: THE STRATEGIC INTELLIGENCE PROPAGATION DEPARTMENT’S PRINTING OFFICE, MONTREAL [QC] CANADA, JANUARY 08 - USE OF THIS DOCUMENT SYSTEM, AUTHORIZED OR UNAUTHORIZED, CONSTITUTES CONSENT TO OFFICIAL MONITORING OF THIS SYSTEM.. MATERIALS PROVIDED IN THIS DOCUMENT SYSTEM IS PROVIDED WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND AND DOES NOT CONSTITUTE ENDORSEMENT BY VINCENT BOUCHER. EVIDENCE OF UNAUTHORIZED USE COLLECTED DURING MONITORING MAY BE PROVIDED TO APPROPRIATE PERSONNEL FOR ADMINISTRATIVE, CRIMINAL OR OTHER ACTION.


Schitterend! Geen idee waarom dit nu net in onze mailbox zat (de mail had al enkele stations binnen het bedrijf gedaan), maar dit was zeker iets voor ons.
De website is trouwens een aanrader, mooi gemaakt en top in zijn genre.
Je zou bijna denken dat het een viral is, maar aan zo'n dingen doen ze niet bij ons ;-)

Maar goed, hij is dus mijn held. Ik wist niet meteen waarover ik het vandaag ging hebben, en in zijn grootste visie stuurde Vincent Boucher me deze mail.

Training: 21'46'', HR 155avg, HR 168 peak